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Our Technology

At Phyzique MultiSport you receive leading edge treatment facilitated with state-of-the-art technology, unrivaled by any Physical Therapy or Training Center in San Diego.

3D Motion Capture

Noraxon Ultium Motion System

A skeletal representation of your joint angles for accurate assessment of your biomechanics. The Ultium Motion System uses an array of inertial measurement units (IMUs) to measure anatomical joint angles, orientation angles, and linear acceleration. Data and subject motion are displayed in real-time with graphs and a skeletal avatar. Joint angles can be analyzed with precise measures.

Pressure Sensitive Treadmill

HP Cosmos PhysTread

The only capacitive pressure treadmills in the world. Reveals your stride kinematics, foot strike mechanics, plantar pressure distribution, and other spatiotemporal parameters like cadence and stride length along with a synchronized visual reference. This allows your therapist to analyze your foot mechanics and related issues in order to create a customized action plan.

Shockwave - Focused & EPAT

Storz Medical

If your are experiencing pain that is tendon or fascia related, you might benefit from the most advanced and highly effective non-invasive treatment method cleared by the FDA. This proprietary technology is based on a unique set of pressure waves that stimulate the metabolism, enhance blood circulation and accelerate the healing process. Damaged tissue gradually regenerates and eventually heals. This non-invasive procedure represents a breakthrough treatment option for a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions. You will likely experience analgesic effects immediately.


Neuromuscular Re-education

The next generation of electrical stimulation. This is not your typical TENS unit that contracts a muscle from both ends. Neubie uses DC current which re-trains the brain and helps you perform movements that your brain has learned to avoid. This device will help you move better faster. It can also accelerate your muscle growth.

EMG (Electromyography)


See your muscles working! No more wondering if you are performing an exercise correctly. This device allows for real-time biofeedback. Electromyography (EMG) measures the muscle response or electrical activity by way of a nerve’s stimulation of the muscle. In particular, Surface EMG signals are recorded by non-invasive electrodes on the surface of the skin above the muscle to assess muscle function and understand how well the brain and musculoskeletal system are coordinated.



Side by side pressure sensitive platforms are used for biofeedback and isometric strength testing. Provides real time feedback for balance stability and bilateral lower extremity force production symmetry, so you can see how you are performing, make corrections immediately and improve faster.

LightSpeed Lift

Anti-Gravity Device

With this device we are able to reduce the impact of body weight on walking or running activities by approximately 25lbs. This allows runners to return to running following injury. It also supports walking following surgery. If you need a little boost, this apparatus will do just that.

BFR (Blood Flow Restriction)

Vald Air Bands

A tourniquet, similar to a blood pressure cuff, is used to limit arterial inflow while blocking venous outflow. This essentially tricks the muscle into initiating the metabolic process of building new muscle. The muscle thinks its working harder than it is. By limiting the oxygen supply to a working muscle, it essentially forces it to switch from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism. With this method, you can make strength gains with very low loads/resistance. This way you are able to build muscle without the stress to ligaments that comes with lifting heavier weight.

Dynametric Strength Testing

Vald Dynamo

Strength Dynometry takes the subjective out of strength testing. Data is collected objectively. Strength measures can be compared accurately for symmetry between limbs. Strength gains are quantified. You will see where you have strength deficits and have an accurate measure of improvement over time.